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Innovation of Laboratories of Advanced Separation Methods for Purposes of Whole-Life Education

Public support

  • Provider

    Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

  • Programme

    EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanism

  • Call for proposals

  • Main participants

  • Contest type

    RP - Co-financing of EC programme

  • Contract ID

    4 726/2009-32

Alternative language

  • Project name in Czech

    Innovation of Laboratories of Advanced Separation Methods for Purposes of Whole-Life Education

  • Annotation in Czech

    This project is aimed at a systematic development of human resources in scientific fields through modernization and upgrading of the laboratories studying high-performance separation methods at the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science,Charles University in Prague. The equipment in these laboratories is obsolete and inadequate for high-quality, whole-life practical training in scientific methods. The purchased instrumentation will further be used, after completion of the proposed project, by our students in the accredited programs and by graduated secondary school professors in courses enhancing their qualification.

Scientific branches

  • R&D category

    IF - RDI infrastructure

  • CEP classification - main branch

    AM - Pedagogy and education

  • CEP - secondary branch

    CB - Analytical chemistry, separation

  • CEP - another secondary branch

  • OECD FORD - equivalent branches <br>(according to the <a href="">converter</a>)

    10406 - Analytical chemistry<br>50301 - Education, general; including training, pedagogy, didactics [and education systems]<br>50302 - Education, special (to gifted persons, those with learning disabilities)

Completed project evaluation

  • Provider evaluation

    U - Uspěl podle zadání (s publikovanými či patentovanými výsledky atd.)

  • Project results evaluation

    Following the condition that the candidate of financial contribution was evaluated and afterwards selected by international provider in accordance with the rules of the program the Ministry of Education, Youth ans Sports does not realize the evaluation of project results. The project is evaluated only after its approval by an international provider.

Solution timeline

  • Realization period - beginning

    Sep 1, 2009

  • Realization period - end

    Dec 31, 2009

  • Project status

    U - Finished project

  • Latest support payment

    May 19, 2009

Data delivery to CEP

  • Confidentiality

    S - Úplné a pravdivé údaje o projektu nepodléhají ochraně podle zvláštních právních předpisů

  • Data delivery code


  • Data delivery date

    Jun 30, 2010


  • Total approved costs

    2,221 thou. CZK

  • Public financial support

    2,221 thou. CZK

  • Other public sources

    0 thou. CZK

  • Non public and foreign sources

    0 thou. CZK