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In situ physical model of a clay barrier

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    <a href="" target="_blank" >RIV/68407700:21110/12:00194515 -</a>

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    In situ physical model of a clay barrier

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    In order to guarantee the safe disposal of high level nuclear waste, a number of conditions must be fulfilled. The fundamental requirement is the isolation of hazardous radionuclides for an extremely long period of time. Research on engineered barriers,the role of which will be to isolate such radionuclides, has been in progress for a number of decades and has confirmed the usefulness of physical modelling which allows the in-situ monitoring of on-going processes, including the verification of the constancy of the rheological properties of the materials employed. An in-situ physical model of the vertical disposal of a container with radioactive waste (spent nuclear fuel) is currently under construction at the Josef Underground Research Centre (URC) operated by the Centre of Experimental Geotechnics (CEG) of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague. The model will allow the monitoring of the behaviour of a barrier consisting of pressed bentonite loaded with temperature and simul

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    O - Miscellaneous

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    DB - Geology and mineralogy

  • OECD FORD branch

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    <a href="/en/project/FR-TI1%2F362" target="_blank" >FR-TI1/362: Research of properties of materials for safe disposal of radioactive waste and development of procedures for their assessment</a><br>

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    P - Projekt vyzkumu a vyvoje financovany z verejnych zdroju (s odkazem do CEP)


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    S - Úplné a pravdivé údaje o projektu nepodléhají ochraně podle zvláštních právních předpisů