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The Hospital Chaplain – A Messenger of Hope?

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    <a href="" target="_blank" >RIV/61989592:15260/20:73604582 -</a>

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    The Hospital Chaplain – A Messenger of Hope?

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    When a hospital chaplains visit patients they rarely encounter rejection - even in as secularized contrary as the Czech Republic. Most of the patients welcome their offer of conversation, because the staff is too busy to have a longer talk with them. As the Czech piety is shy, many of the patients express their feelings like, “I am glad this service is now available for those who need consolation. I am not against it.” They imagine the work of a chaplain as comforting and calming down believers. In fact, the chaplain needs to balance on the edge during each interview with seriously ill person: to bring some encouragement and hope without raising false hope. Most of the research concerning the work of hospital chaplains comes from the perspective of medicine and social sciences. The perspective of philosophy and theology is under-represented. The intention of this paper is to explore the possibilities of applying the scholastic teaching on hope on the work of health care chaplain. The situation of patient in hospital is in many respects similar to the situation of every mediaeval person: death is strongly present in their lives. Nevertheless, it is also very different, because very few contemporary patients experience that kind of awareness of God. The paper presents the scholastic discussion on hope (Thomas Aquinas, Richard of Middleton, John Hus etc.), on its certainty, its object and on the role of merits. Furthermore, it evaluates how those scholastic concepts can be applied to contemporary clinical pastoral care.

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    60303 - Theology

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    Hope: Where does our Hope lie?

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    Lit Verlag

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    Aug 28, 2019

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