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Mock-Up-Josef: Large Scale In-situ model of a Deep Repository Bentonite Based Barrier

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    <a href="" target="_blank" >RIV/68407700:21110/11:00188331 -</a>

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    Mock-Up-Josef: Large Scale In-situ model of a Deep Repository Bentonite Based Barrier

  • Original language description

    Mock-up-Josef can be classified as a large-scale in-situ test which represents a model of bentonite barrier of radioactive waste disposal. The experiment is located in the Josef underground laboratory ( The model's disposal well, whichis 2.3m deep and 0.75m in diameter, will be filled with highly-compacted blocks of montmorillonite clay - Czech bentonite B75. A cylindrically-shaped space will be retained in the centre of the bentonite blocks in which a heater will be installed the function of which will be to replicate the canister containing heat-generating radioactive waste (spent nuclear fuel). Subsequently, the bentonite barrier and the heater will be covered with additional layers of highly-compacted bentonite blocks and an extensive system for the monitoring of a number of parameters including temperature, moisture, and swelling pressure will be installed. It is planned that all the components of the experiment (blocks, heater and monitoring system) will be put

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    O - Miscellaneous

  • CEP classification

    JN - Civil engineering

  • OECD FORD branch

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    <a href="/en/project/FR-TI1%2F362" target="_blank" >FR-TI1/362: Research of properties of materials for safe disposal of radioactive waste and development of procedures for their assessment</a><br>

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    Z - Vyzkumny zamer (s odkazem do CEZ)


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    S - Úplné a pravdivé údaje o projektu nepodléhají ochraně podle zvláštních právních předpisů